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People doing business together—in a construction project or a commercial venture—have entered into some form of contract. The contract may be a simple verbal agreement sealed with a handshake—or a complex legal document. In either case, disputes may arise concerning the process or goal of the contract. Mediation provides an opportunity for a safe conversation to renew the agreements and the underlying relationships.

Business Partnerships sometimes get off track, causing disruption for the venture and discomfort for the partners and others around them. Mediation has proved itself an effective means of healing breaches or--if deemed appropriate--helping partners dissolve their business relationship in privacy and with dignity.

PARTNERING is a process in which the people involved in a project (usually, thugh not always, in construction) come together prior to start of the project to determine the common goals, the individual responsibilities of the players and the communication paths which will facilitate problem-prevention during the course of the project. Partnering can be a valuable tool to prevent disputes and keep a project on task and on time. Partnering builds on personal communication for problem-solving and conflict prevention.

My experience gives me the ability to communicate clearly with field workers and professionals alike. In addition to facilitation for developing a Partnering Charter, my professional services include ongoing mediation or consultation to support Charter goals during the project. My approach is to provide the highest quality assistance in ways that best serve all Partnering Team members-not forcing them into any one-size-fits-all model. I'd love to discuss this with you!

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DISABILITY AND SPECIAL NEEDSPeople with disabilities have certain rights under federal and state statutes, especially the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). How these rights are honored can become a source of dispute between disabled persons (or their advocates) and employers, school systems or private organizations.

 Mediation "levels the playing field" for those who have special needs.
The general rule for disabled persons at work or using privately owned public facilities is that they must be afforded "reasonable accommodation" to their disabilities. Exactly what this means is often the crux of the difficulty. Mediation allows people to decide what they need and what's available to meet those needs. People with disabilities who feel they have been discriminated against can contact the US Department of Justice to press their claims; cases may be referred to mediation at no cost to either the complainant or the responding party. Please refer to the Resources sheet indicated below for contact information.

Relay New Mexico (TTY/VCO/HCO): 711 
Customer Service: 800-889-8353 (TTY/Voice) 

New Mexico Governor's Commission on Disability  (Santa Fe)  
1-877-696-1470 (tel)  505-476-0412 (voice)  -0413 (TTY)    505-827-6328 (fax)

Department of Justice:
ADA Information Line:  800-514-0301 (voice) or 800-514-0383 (TDD)            
ADA Home Page: http://gcd.state.nm.us/ www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/adahom1.htm            
ADA Information Services: www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/agency.htmhttp://gcd.state.nm.us/

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  (EEOC)

Office of Civil Rights, US Dept of Education -

(Albuquerque) Independent Living Resource Center:
800-260-5022      505-266-5022 (Voice/TTY)             http://www.ilrcnm.org/ 

RESUME for Philip Crump

Professional Facilitation, Mediation and Training: Since 1992, I have been committed to helping people across New Mexico make collaborative decisions—even in difficult situations. Creating arenas in which individuals and groups can more safely develop their own resolutions, I seek to give them opportunities to represent their own interests and help them share their perspectives.

Representative Institutional Mediation and Facilitation Clients:       
* Santa Fe Public Schools                           * United States Postal Service (1999—present)
* Santa Fe Police Department                     * Albuquerque Land Use Facilitation Program      
* Albuquerque Police Department                * NM Office of the State Engineer                 
* NM Department of Health                         * NM Regulation & Licensing Department       
* NM Public Education Department             * NM Environment Department         
* NM Children, Youth & Families Dept         * US Equal Employment Opportunity Comm’n         

Relevant Professional Development:
Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training  Twenty-six-hour intensive training in the theory and applications of powerful and positive strengths-based ways to invite people to build the kinds of organizations and futures they want.                               Company of Experts, Boulder, 2007
Domestic Violence Training  Six-hour interactive presentation on profiles, characteristics and actions of DV perpetrators and victims, with discussion of the appropriate assessment and handling of domestic violence in mediation.          NM Coalition Against DV, Albuquerque, 2006
Child Abuse and Neglect Mediation  Sixteen-hour advanced training in providing mediation services to families under the jurisdiction of the Protective Services Division (Children, Youth & Families Department).               New Mexico Children’s Court Mediation Project, Roswell, 2003
Family Group Decision Making Facilitation  Twenty-hour advanced training for conducting meetings of parents, family, support persons, and providers to create safety plans for abused or neglected children returning home.     NM Protective Services Division Project, Albuq, 2001
Public Issues Facilitation  Twenty-hour advanced training for designing and facilitating public communication on significant public issues.      Public Dialogue Consortium, Albuquerque, 2001
EEO Workplace Mediation  Twenty-hour advanced training in mediating employee and supervisor disputes which resulting in informal EEO complaints; emphasis on Transformational Mediation, focusing on restoring relationships.              US Postal Service, Albuquerque, 1998
Land Use Facilitation  Eight-hour specialized training for facilitating development issues involving developers and neighborhood associations, as part of Albuquerque’s Land Use Alternative Dispute Resolution Process.          NM Center for Dispute Resolution, Albuq, 1998
ADA Complaint Mediation  Eight-hour introduction to disability issues between individuals and "covered entities" under Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), for mediating ADA complaints filed with the Dept. of Justice.         Key Bridge Foundation, Las Vegas, NV, 1998
Certification Program for Professional Facilitators  Thirty-hour course in designing and conducting facilitated meetings and workshops in organizational and institutional settings. Emphasis on flexibility of processes and tools.    Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, 1996
Intercultural Collaboration Workshops  A series of workshops developing intercultural awareness and techniques to enhance cross-ethnic partnerships required for collaborative action, conducted by Roberto Chené. Intercultural Community Leadership Ctr, Santa Fe, 1993
Divorce and Child-custody Mediation  Forty-hour certified course from recognized leaders in the field; CDR provides training in various aspects of family, business, environmental, and international mediation.            CDR Associates, Boulder, Colorado, 1992
Adolescent-parent Mediation  Thirty-two-hour course with subsequent volunteer mediations.  NMCDR specialized in school-based and other youth mediation and training throughout New Mexico.                      NM Center for Dispute Resolution, Santa Fe, 1992
Basic Mediation Skills  Forty-hour course with follow-up apprentice program.  This organization utilized volunteer mediators in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Court program,                            Albuquerque Mediation Center, Albuquerque, 1992

Current and Previous Professional Memberships: 
Association for Conflict Resolution   
New Mexico Mediation Association (Bd of Directors, 1999-2006)  
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts   www.afccnet.org
Northern NM Human Resource Association (Board of Directors, 2002-03)   www.nnmhra.org

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (with distinction), Univ. of New Mexico      1985
Graduate Study (Sociology), University of New Mexico                    1969-71
B.A. (Sociology-Anthropology), Duke University                               1966

Community Service:
First Judicial District 
Pro Se Task Force                                            2006-2008
Old Santa Fe Association Board (President—2001-2004)                 1996-2008
SF Public Schools Student Wellness Advisory Council                      1997-99
New Mexico Peace Corps Association (SF Chapter Facilitator)         1994-present
Leadership Santa Fe (Board member)                                               1995-96; 2004-2008
City of Santa Fe Planning Commission, Urban Policy Committee     1992-94
City of Santa Fe Growth Management Task Force                           1990-92